Guided Tour, FWD

Introduction to the
Guided Tours on Wind Energy

If You Want to Know a Lot
These guided tours are written for people who want to know a lot about wind energy, short of becoming wind engineers. They also answer most of the questions which students ask us - without going into difficult details of math and physics.
Even so, we also explore some of the challenging frontiers of wind energy technology. We are mostly concerned with commercial, large, grid connected turbines 100 kW and up.

If You Want to Know a Little
Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions about wind energy and the Wind Energy Pictures.

If You just Want a Wind Turbine
You do not have to be an expert on thermodynamics to start a car engine and drive a car.
With a wind turbine it is even simpler: You don't have to buy fuel. It's there for free. If you want to know about the practical issues, like where do you place it, and what does it cost, then look at the following pages:
Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting a Wind Turbine Site
Wind Energy Economics
Wind Energy Pictures

Offshore Tour
If you already know a lot about wind energy, you may wish to get acquainted with the new territory of offshore wind energy. In that case, follow the signposts: Offshore Tour to visit these eleven pages:

Offshore Wind Conditions
Offshore Wind Power Research
Wind Turbine Offshore Foundations

Offshore Foundations: Traditional Concrete
Offshore Foundations: Gravitation + Steel
Offshore Foundations: Mono Pile
Offshore Foundations: Tripod
Grid Connection of Offshore Wind Parks
The Economics of Offshore Wind Energy
Birds and Offshore Wind Turbines
Offshore Wind Turbine Pictures
You will return to this point after the Offshore Tour.

Other Tour Resources
After the tour, you might like to test your skills answering the quiz on wind energy.
In case you want to see unit definitions and other hard information, you may find it in the Reference Manual. In the Manual's Glossary page you may find Danish, German, Spanish, and French translations of specialist terms used in this guided tour, and references to where they are explained. Please note that this web site also exists in Danish and German.
You may use the links below or on the top to navigate forward or back in the guided tour. You will return to the table of contents at the end of each one of the tours.

Guided Tour


Guided Tour, FWD

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