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The Graphically Right Font Size
The site is optimised for a default font size of 10 points for PCs, and 12 points for Macintosh. You can set the font size in your browser's options | general preferences | fonts menu.

This web site is designed for Netscape Navigator 3.01, 4.x, or IE 4.x, with JavaScript and cookies enabled. JavaScript is a programming language which is used to make this site interactive, cookies are small files on your hard disk which the programmes use for temporary data storage.

Setting up Netscape 3.01 for JavaScript
You enable JavaScript in a Netscape 3 browser by selecting Network Preferences in your Options menu. Click on the Languages tab, and check the box Enable JavaScript. Then click on the Protocols tab, and uncheck the box Show an alert before Accepting a Cookie. Otherwise, you will be bothered by a question from the programme each time it tries to write to your hard disk. Finally, click OK. Then exit the programme and restart it again.

Setting up Netscape 4 for JavaScript
Netscape 4 requires no prior setup, if you have installed Java properly with your browser.

Setting up Internet Explorer 4 for JavaScript
You enable JavaScript in a IE 4.x browser by selecting Preferences in your Edit menu. Under the Web Browser heading, select Java, and check the boxes Enable Java and Enable Just-in-time compiler (which will make your code run very quickly in the shadow calculator). Then exit the programme and restart it again.

What do the Cookies do?
The cookie file is used by your browser to check whether we have updated this web site since your last visit. If we have made an update, your browser will tell you about it. The cookie file is also used by the Quiz to keep track of your score.

Other Browsers
If you do not have a Netscape 3.01 or 4, or Internet Explorer 4, you may still view the site, but you cannot run any calculation programmes, and a number of interactive pages will not be shown on your computer.
If you use Internet Explorer, you should have at least version 3, (but we strongly recommend version 4, which has far fewer bugs). Otherwise each of the many animations will run only once, and that may be while the animation is loading at the bottom of your page off screen.

Printing from your Browser
If you wish to print web pages from your browser, and make them look like they do on screen, you should check the Print Backgrounds box in the Page Setup dialog box, which you will find in the File menu.

Helper Programmes
This site does not use any extra plug ins, but if you wish to download and print our publications, presentations etc., you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. You may download the programme for free from the Adobe Web site.

Configuring your Browser for Adobe Acrobat files
You can let your browser open the Adobe Acrobat Reader programme automatically each time you download an Adobe Acrobat file.
To do this, select General Preferences in your Options menu.
Click on the Helpers tab, and click New... to get a dialog box on screen.
In the description field, you may enter e.g. Adobe Acrobat files.
In the suffixes field, you must enter pdf
Click the Application radio button, and click Browse. Now, navigate until you can select your copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader programme. Click OK as many times as needed, and you're in business: One mouse click on your browser, and the file automatically opens in your Adobe Acrobat Programme, voila!

Navigating this Web Site
You may always click the logo in the upper left corner to return to the home page. If you click the blue "road sign" in the upper right corner of the page, we bring you back to the start of the section you are presently looking at.

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If you have any questions, drop us an e-mail:

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