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Wind Energy News from Denmark

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(12 April 2001)

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(29 March 2001)

Web Cam Pictures of New Offshore Wind Farm
See the Middelgrunden offshore wind farm in Copenhagen, Denmark.
(3 January 2001)

Danish Wind Turbine Sales Sextuple in Five Years
For the sixth consecutive year, sales from Danish wind turbine manufacturers set a new record. New statistics from the Danish Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association show that the production increased sixfold in the course of the last five years, corresponding to an annual growth rate of 44% per year.
The turnover increased some 60% from 7.7 billion DKK (euro 1 billion) in 1998 to 12.5 billion DKK (euro 1.7 billion) in 1999. The Danish manufacturers' share of the world market increased slightly to approx. 50% in 1999. If foreign joint ventures (associated companies) are included, the market share is close to 65%. Strong - but temporary - increases in American and German demand were the main contributors to the remarkable growth.
17% of the total production of 2,241 MW (megawatt generating power) went to the Danish home market, while foreign countries demanded the remaining 1,853 MW.
1999 became the first year in which the world installed more new wind generating capacity than nuclear capacity.
The direct employment in the Danish wind turbine factories increased by more than 1,000 to 3,800 at the end of 1999. To this figure should be added some 10,000 jobs in Danish component manufacturing.

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(August 2000)

New Record in Denmark
With an increase from 317 MW in 1998 to 388 MW last year, sales to the Danish home market also set a new record in 1999. Danish sales in 2000 are expected to be at the level of 1999. Wind is estimated to cover 13% of Danish electricity consumption this year.
However, the Danish market is expected to vanish in 2001. Not a single turbine has been contracted in 2000 for delivery in Denmark in either 2000 or 2001. This is due to the fact that there is no EU-approved payment regulation for electricity from new wind turbines in Denmark and due to insecurity about the future (green certificates) payments system for wind energy in Denmark.
The new and extremely complex financing models for wind turbines with futures contracts, financial options and performance bonds give the Danish Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association reason to predict the end of wind turbine co-operatives in Denmark. In the future the Danish market will be taken over by developers and institutional investors.
The Danish Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association foresees that the future development on the Danish market will lead to a 25% drop in employment (1.000 jobs) in the Danish factories in 2001.

See the complete press release.
(14 July 2000)

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First Full Scale Offshore Wind Farm is Built
See the two QuickTime videos (1187 K, 2074K) of foundation manufacturing. (To save download time, these videos are not part of the downloadable web site).
(1 July 2000)


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