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Wind Rose Plotter Programme

Plot your own wind rose




Do not operate the form until this page and its programme have loaded completely.
The explanation of the wind rose may be found on the previous page. The Wind Frequency is the percentage of the time the wind is coming from a particular direction. The first row in the table to the left corresponds to North (the top wedge). The subsequent rows correspond to the sectors of the wind rose in a clockwise direction.
Use  Sectors.  Fill wedges.  to Copenhagen data.
 Show wind frequency.
 Show wind speed.
 Show wind energy.



For each of the sectors the outermost (blue) wedges show the wind frequency distribution.


The middle (black) wedges show the distribution of the product of the two columns, i.e. the wind speeds times their frequency.


The innermost (red) wedges show the distribution of the wind speeds cubed (i.e. the energies) multiplied by their frequencies.



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