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Text Box:                                    Faculty
Karim Faez, Professor of EE Department.
Research Interests:
Biometric Recognition, Pattern Recognition, Farsi/ Arabic Character Recognition, Neural Networks, Image Processing, Computer Networks, Earthquake Signal Processing.
                                                               Ph.D. Students
Mehdi Ezoji
Research Interests:
Image Processing, Artificial Neural Network, Human Face Recognition, Genetic Algorithm.
Majid Ziaratban
Research Interests:
Digital Image Processing, Artificial Neural Network, Pattern Recognition, Machine Vision, Handwritten Recognition.
"Offline Sub word Recognition in Farsi Handwritten text and Elimination of undesirable Connections".
Mohammad Javad Abdollahifard
Research Interests:
Image Processing, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Artificial Neural Network, Stereo Matching, Dynamic Programming and its Applications in Image Processing.
" View Interpolation for 3D Face Modeling".
                                     M.Sc. Students
Mohammad Reza Pourfard
Research Interests:
Image Processing, Machine Vision, Pattern Recognition, Neural Network, Detection and Tracking.
"Detection and Tracking of Human Being in Different Positions of its Body".
Saman Sargolzaei
Research Interests:
Image Processing, Machine Vision, Biological Signal Processing and Biomedical Image Analysis, ANFIS, Wavelet and time-Frequency Analysis Tools.
Seyed Mostafa Taheri
Research Interests:
Machine Vision, Pattern Recognition, Artificial Neural Network, Communication Networks.
"Improving Performance for Fair Integrated Scheduling of Unicast and Multicast Traffic in an input-Queued Switch".
ALi Abedi
Research Interests:
Image Processing, Artificial Neural Network, Pattern Recognition, Machine Vision, Image Retrieval, Handwritten Recognition.
"Office Letter Retrieval Based on Recognition of Handwritten Farsi Numerical String".
Farshid Allahvirdi
Research Interests:
Image Processing, Pattern Recognition and Artificial Neural Network, Image Fusion and its Applications.
"Resolution Enhancement via Image Fusion Techniques".
Jamal Saeidi
Research Interests:
Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Fuzzy Logic, Wavelet and its Applications, Image Fusion.
"Wavelet Based Fuzzy Image Fusion".
                                                     Former Students
                                                    (Gone but Not Forgotten)
Saeed Mozaffari, “Off-Line Arabic/ Farsi Handwritten Recognition"
Hamid-Reza Rashidi Kanaan, “
Abdorasoul Ghassemi, “
Farhad Faradji, “
Seyed Masoud Nosrati
Sepehr Attarchi, “
Mohammad-Amin Kashiha, “
Mir Hashem Mousavi, “Biometrical Identification Using 3D Face Images, 2008”.
Mohammad-Amin Hashemi, “
Mohammad Hassan Shirali Shahreza, "Recognition of Farsi Handwritten words and Numerals Using Neural Networks, 1996"
Payam. Nassery, " Proposing a New Intelligent Method for Discriminating of Underground Explosion from Earthquake and Their Comparison, 2000." 
Masoud Sabaei, "The Failure Management in ATM Layer, 2001."
Mahdi. Dehghan Takht Fooladi, "Recognition of Farsi Handwritten Text, 2001."
Javad Haddadnia, "Human Face Recognition Using Statistical Features."
Peyman Moallem, "Speed Increasing in Stereo Vision Using Search Space Reduction."
Abolfazl Toroghi Haghighat, "Design and Performance Evaluation of an Efficient Routing Algorithm."
Jahanshah Mirzahesabi, "A Testing Instrument for Memory IC's, 1987"
Nasser Najafi, "The Signaling Between Metropolitan Switching Centers, 1987"
M. Dolatshahi, "Design of The Control Boards and The Processing Software, 1988"
Mansour Vafadust, "Farzad Towhidkhah, Image Processing to Find a Known Target, 1989."
Babak Mazlumnezhad, "A Data Acquisition System, 1989."
Siavoosh Khorsandi, "Image Information Compression, 1989."
H. Ghazelayagh, M. H. Khorsand, "Design and Implementation of an RTU, 1990."
F. Farmand, M. Moslehi, "Design and Implementation of Master Station, 1990."
Hossein Yaghobzadeh, "The Coding of Directional Patterns, 1992"
Aliakbar Zareh Beedaki, "Design and Implementation of Hardware in a Coder of LPC Switching System, 1993."
Behrouz Omidwar Tehrani, "Simulation of Digital Circuits, 1993."
Mahdi Shajari, "Design and Implementation of a LAN Network Boards, 1994."
Masoud Khosravi, "Design of a Hardware Description Language, 1994."
Hossein Naji, "Recognition of On-Line Handwritten Farsi Characters, 1995."
M. Namazi, "Recognition of Farsi Typed Characters with Various Fonts Using a Fuzzy Neural Network, 1996."
Hassan Mirzakhani, "Recognition Of Typed Farsi Text Using a Neural Network, 1996."
Nasser Maragheh, "Design and Implementation of Error Detection and Correction Codes, 1997."
Hossein Ghasemi Geshnizkhani, "Extraction of Human Face Features for Coding Purposes, 1999."
Hassan Alizadeh, "Processing of Handwritten Farsi Forms Using Neural Networks, 2000."
Gholamreza Farahani, "Design and Implementation of Lower Layers in Internet Status Profile for Q3 Link and Creating Development Environment in TMN, 2001."
Mojtaba Kheirkhah, "Design and Implementation of Upper Layers in Internet Status Profile for Q3 Link in the Communication Management Network (TMN), 2001." 
Amir Mowlaei, "Processing of Handwritten Farsi Forms with Discrete Letters Using Discrete Wavelets, 2002."
Mohammad Reza Hassanzadeh, "Implementing a Graphical Interface for Computing System Fault Tolerance Using SHRPE Software, 2002."