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Our Supervisor


Dr. Hassan Kaatuzian:

As supervisor of AmirKabir University Robotics teams for three consecutive years, I am glad to explain in brief the self-confidency of my teamsí members: Kaykhanzadeh, Farivar, Tajali, Abhari, Nakhai, Hadjikhani, Roham.
Our teams have shown that they have high figure of merit not only at internal Robotics Contests, but also at international competitions.
They listened carefully to my technical advices and followed them exactly. They are hard worker in Robotic R&D area.
I wish for them healthiness and success and hope to see my team members in higher international order competition soon.

Dr. Hassan Kaatuzian


Dr.Hassan Kaatuzian (IEEE Senior Member)
Assistant Professor
Electrical Engineering Department
AmirKabir University of Technology
Email: hsnkato@aut.ac.ir