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In this competition, robots had to gather 15 randomly distributed tennis balls and move them to a predetermined goal.

Kambiz-Pour won the sixth prize of part two of The 2nd Iranian Robot Contest, University of Tehran, 2001.



Robot Technical Feature:

As time was so important for robot, it did not detect the location of each ball separately and only tried to sweep the ground without pay attention to location of each ball.



The robot had two arms that opened in the specified time. They expanded the robot's width for maximizing the scan area. They guided the balls to front of the sweeper. So robot could complete gathering all balls in one stage.


He had one sweeper in the front that grabbed every ball which placed in front of it. The mechanical design of sweeper was so precise and thoughtfully.


Special mechanism was in the back of the robot that opened the door and made a slope to move all stored balls to the goal.


Members Involved: 

Hormoz Kaykhanzadeh:

He was a robot with 6 motors and could gather balls very fast but not so reliable to rely on. Although he worked well in our testing conditions but did not win a real competition.



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