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In this competition, robots had to gather 15 randomly distributed tennis balls and move them to a predetermined goal.

Kambiz-Javid won the first prize of part one of The 3rd Iranian Robot Contest, University of Tehran, 2002.




Robot Technical Feature:

Generally he was the modified version of Kambiz-Pour.

As time was the most competing factor, we designed Kambiz-Javid in a way to gather all balls by scanning the pitch just one time. He had one sweeper in the front that grabbed every ball which placed in front of it. The mechanical designed of sweeper was so precise and thoughtfully.

There were two arms that opened to expand the scanning area and closed at the end of the pitch to move every free ball to the front of the sweeper. So robots gathered all the balls by one passing through the court.


Motor controller board was specially designed to provide different speed and acceleration using PWM signaling. The robot was navigated by its infra-red sensors which were under the chassis of the robot. All of the tasks were controlled by an 89C52 micro controller.

Special mechanism was in the back of the robot that opened the door and made a slope to move all stored balls to the goal.



Members Involved: 
Hormoz Kaykhanzadeh:

He was a gladiator. A big robot that wildly eats every ball that was in the pitch. The time he used to gather all the balls was half the time of best record ever registered.


Farshad Tajali:





Kaveh Abhari:





Alireza Nakhai:






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