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The competition was to gather some 20 tennis balls in a 4 meters by 4 meters wide field, which had a hole in the center of one of its sides as goal. the robots should have gathered all the balls and bring them to the goal.

Kambiz-Artist won the first prize of “Golf” part, Intelligent Mice Contest, IEEE Student Branch, University of Tabriz , 2001.



Robot Technical Feature:

Kambiz-Artist does this job by a very intuitive way. instead of getting each ball one by one, it takes them all in one move by placing a roll of "cinema film" around all the balls, virtually putting a "net" around them. then when the "netting" is completed, it gathers the film roll inside itself, hence bringing all the balls near itself. the trick is that Kambiz-Artist starts its journey from near the goal. just before starting it's movements, it places a "lead weight" near the hole. one end of the film roll is connected to the lead weight. it then goes round the field once while laying it's net round the field. then when it again reaches the goal (from the other side) it starts gathering the film roll inside itself by a special mechanism. so when it completes gathering the film, on end of the film is on one side of the hole and the other side (inside the robot) on the other side. this means by this time, all the balls are inside the goal.



Members Involved: 
Hormoz Kaykhanzadeh:

The concept that Kambiz-Artist utilized for gathering balls was introduced by Farshad.We did not have the opportunity to test it in a real pitch. When we put him in the competition ground was the first time he was tested completely. We were all anxious but he finally succeeded.



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