Name:                 Seyyed Kamaleddin Yadavar Nikravesh (S.K.Y.Nikravesh)

Birth Date:         2.6.44




Add.                    Elec. Eng. Dept. Amirkabir University of tech. Tehran - IRAN

Tel:                     +980216466009

Sex:                    Male

Marital Status:   Married, four children

Address:            Electrical Engineering Dept. Amirkabir, University of technology

                            (Tehran Polytechnic) Tehran - IRAN


 Ph.D.1973, Electrical Engineering, major option in control, University of Missouri, Columbia, U.S.A

 M.S. 1971, Electrical Engineering, major option in control, University of Missouri, Rolla, U.S.A.

 B.S. 1967, Electrical Engineering. Tehran Polytechnic, Tehran, IRAN.

Scientific Employment:

1- 1969- 1970

IRAN- Transfo Co., Dept. of engineering, control and testing. Designed  power transformers up to 1 MVA capacity.

2- June 72- Dec. 73.

Research assistant at the University of Missouri, Columbia, Working in the solid state control laboratory.

3- Jan. 1974- Dec. 1977

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Tehran polytechnic,  Tehran- IRAN, was involved in teaching courses in analog computers, network analysis, control system theory, optimal control, stochastic control, digital control, Industrial control also supervised funded research projects in control systems.

4- June 1976 - February 1977

Consultant to Atomic Energy Organization of IRAN, Dept. of Educational Affairs, responsible for course development dealing with various disciplines including electronics, nuclear engineering, radiation protection, etc.

5- June 75- June 76

Consultant to Atomic Energy Organization of IRAN, Nuclear Power plants Department. Dealt with power transmission and substation design problems.

6- March 1977- July 1978

Chairman of Electrical Engineering Department, Tehran Polytechnic, Tehran, IRAN

7- Dec. 1977- July 1988

Associate professor of Electrical Engineering Department, Amirkabir University, of tech.(Tehran Polytechnic) Tehran IRAN.

8- February 1979 - February 1980

Vice President of Amirkabir University, Tehran, IRAN.

9- July 1988 - present

Professor of Electrical Engineering Department, Amirkabir University of tech.

10- February 1980 - September 1981

President of Amirkabir University, Tehran, IRAN.

11- Sept 1990 - Present

Baord of therastiy Amirkabir University of Tech.

12- Sept 1991 - Present

Member of Academy of Science and technology of IRAN.

Scientific activities in graduate level:

We have started our M.Sc. program in 1982 and so far I have supervised more than 45 master students in Elec. Eng. program (control fields). As far as our Ph.D. program (which starts in 1993) is concerned, I supervised 7  Ph.D. students in Elec. Eng. (Control fields).


a. Books

1. Optimal control theory, Published by Amirkabir University Press 1988.

2. Electrical Circuit Analysis, Published by Amirkabir University press 2000.

3. Instrumentation and Components in Industrial control Systems Published by Amirkabir University Press, Summer 2004.

4. Industrial control Systems, Analysis and Design, Published by Amirkabir University Press, Summer 2004.

b. paper

1- Survey of analytical methods of generating Liapunov function, NSF Technical repot, University of Missouri - Columbia 1973, U.S.A.

2- Liapunov stability analysis of thyristor inverter system, IEEE conference annual meeting record, pp, 75- 584 Oct. 1973. Also appear in IEEE transaction on IA, pp 158- 164 , Vol.11- March 1975.

3- Liapunov stability analysis of single phase thyristor inverter system, 4th ICEE international conference, May 1974, pp. 909- 927, shiraz- IRAN.

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            1. A dynamic programming for fixed pattern.  

            2. Equalization in the Means.  

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122- A near optimal fuzzy modeling of pursuit- evasion in an air combat, Proceed. of WSEAS Conf., Corfu Island, Greece, Aut. 2004. Also will be appear in WSEAS Journal.

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140- Analytical Solution to Optimal Control by Orthogonal Polynomial Expansion, WCECS  San Francisco , USA, 24 -26 Oct. 2007.           * Some of the papers related to Cancer Cell Growth dynamic modeling and its stability analysis.

141- Sufficient Conditions for Global Asymptotic Convergence to the Centers of Membership Functions in Simple Sum-Prod Fuzzy relational Dynamic Models. 39-th ISCIE International Symposium on Stochastic Systems Theory & Its Application, Nov. 2007 Japan.


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