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    I am Mehdi Karrari. I'm a Professor at control group in Electrical Engineering Department, Amirkabir University. I am also an active member of Power System Centre of Excellence in the Department.  


1. Research














Research Theme and Topics

My research activities cover a variety of topics including the followings:

  1. Modeling  and Identification of Nonlinear Systems:
    The world around us can be seen as interactive signals and systems. The first step in any research and study is "Modeling". My main area of research is "modeling nonlinear dynamic systems" using analytical and experimental methods (identification). The goal of this research is to address different modeling approaches for nonlinear systems. The approaches include white-box modeling, using physical laws, then different optimization techniques for parameter estimations. Other approaches called black-box modeling, include wavelet analysis, Volterra series. LOLIMOT,...
  2. Large Scale Systems
    Modeling, identification, control and stability of large scale systems has always been and still is a challenging research topic, particularly if the subsystems of the large scale system is considered to be nonlinear.
  3. Intelligent Power Systems
    Power System monitoring using Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) is getting momentum in power industry. Such devices provide instantaneous synchronized data from different points of a power network which can be used for real-time and on-line management of the power system. Such valuable data are used for different purposes such as fault detection, state estimation, voltage stability, dynamic stability, transient stability, modeling and identification,....
  4. Power System Modeling and Identification
    Synchronous generators play a very important role in the stability of the power systems. A proper model for synchronous generators is essential for a valid analysis of stability and dynamic performance of the system. Almost three quarters of a century after the first publications in this area, the subject is still a challenging and attractive research topic. The traditional methods of modeling the synchronous generators are well specified in IEEE Standard 115. These methods assume a known structure for the synchronous machine, using well-established theories like Park’s transformation. They address the problem of finding the parameters of the known structure. Usually the procedures involve difficult and time-consuming tests. To overcome the shortcomings of the traditional methods, identification methods based on on-line measurements have gained attention during recent years.

  5. Wind Generation and Control
     As a result of increasing environmental concern, more and more electricity is generated from renewable energy. Wind energy technology has developed extremely rapidly and many commercial wind turbines now on the market have capacity of 2MW or more. Also the cost of wind-generated electricity has fallen steadily.  With growing size and number of wind generation units, the need for some form of advanced control strategy, which can control such a nonlinear dynamic system can easily be foreseen. Advanced control strategies, such as optimal control, robust control, predictive control, adaptive control, all need a linearized state space model of the study system

2. Teaching experience

Graduate and Undergraduate Courses
at Amirkabir University
At Amirkabir University, I have taught the following courses:
  1. Electic Circuits I
  2. Electric Circuits II
  3. System Identification
  4. Modeling and Simulation
  5. Electrical Energy Systems
  6. Signals and Systems
  7. Mathematical Modelling and Tools
  8. Linear Control Systems
  9. Mathematics

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 Short Courses for Industry
Short Courses:
 Courses at  University of Calgary (Canada)
My previous lectures at University  of Calgary are.

  1. ENEL489 : Electric Machinery.
  2. ENGG325 : Electric Circuits and Systems
3. Industrial experience

Industrial Projects
My industrial experiences includes activities such as:
  • Identification of different parts of  “Shahid Rajaee’s gas turbine power system unit” using experimental data.

  • Identification of different parts of  “Abbaspours’s water turbine power system unit”, using experimental data.

  • Modeling and simulation of a major event in Iran power network

  • Dynamic stability index in Iran power network using PMU


5. Contacts  
Contact Address
Mail. Department of Electrical Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology,
424, Hafez Ave.,
Tehran, 1591634311, Iran,

P.O. Box:15875-4413

Tel. +98-(21)-6646-6009, +98-(21)-6454-3345
Fax. +98-(21)-6640-6469, +98-(21)-6649-0581
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