Resume of Professor M.Abedi

Personal Identity

Name: Mehrdad

Surname: Abedi

Date of birth: 1948

Place of birth: Tehran

Nationality: Iranian

Marital Status: Married

No. of children:2

Address:Electrical Engineering Department, Amirkabir University, Hafez  Ave, Tehran-Iran

FAX: 0098-21-666406469

TEL: 0098-21-66466009(office), 0098-21-22564882(home),0098-09121794355(mobile)


Main interests: Power System & Electrical Machine Modeling, Operation, Analysis, and Control. Wind Energy




1: B. Sc., Electrical, Eng. Dept. Tehran University, Iran, 1970

2: M. Sc., Electrical. Eng. Dept (power system division). Imperial College, University of London, England, 1973

3: Ph. D., Electrical. Eng. Dept (power system division). Newcastle-Upon-Tyne University, England, 1977




1: The effect of rate of change of  flux linkages on synchronous machine stability, M. Sc. thesis, University of London, Imperial College, EE. Dept, 1973, U.K.

2: Digital computer studies of synchronous and asynchronous machines in electric power systems, ph.D. thesis, Newcastle University, EE. Dept, 1977. U.K


C:Academic Positions


1: Assistant Professor, EE. Dept. (power system. division), Amirkabir University, Tehran-Iran, 1978-1990

2: Associate Professor, EE. Dept. Amirkabir Universitys, 1990-1997

3: Professor, EE Dept. Amirkabir University, 1997-now    



D:Executive Positions

Oval: Thesis
1: Military service, Iranian army, 1970-1972

2: Chairman of Electrical . Eng. Dept of Amirkabir University, 1982-1984

3: Head of power system division , EE.Dept, Amirkabir University, 1984- 1986,2005-2006

4: Head of graduate studies, EE.Dept, Amirkabir University, 1994-2000,2006-2008

5: Deputy head of research affairs, Amirkabir University, 1991-1994

6: Deputy director of Amirkabir Journal of Science and Technology, Amirkabir University, 1988-2004

7: Member of applied and technological Education committee, ministry of higher education, Iran, 1996- 1998

8: Member of books publishing committee. Amirkabirbr University, 1994-now

9: Member of screening committee of promotion of staff members, Amirkabir University, 1994-2000

10: Head of Power System Center of Excellency, Amirkabir University, 2001-2006


E:Visiting Professorship in Iranian Universities

1; EE. Dept, Tabriz university, 1979

2: EE. Dept, Zahedan university, 1980

3: Naval Architecture. Dept, Amirkabir university, Bandar Abas campus, 1984

4: EE. Dept, Sharif university, 1990

5: EE. Dept, Tehran university, 1991

6: EE. Dept, Amirkabir University, Tafresh campus, 1990-Now

7: EE. Dept, Petrolium university, 1994

8: EE. Dept, K.N. Toosi university, 1992

9: EE. Dept, Iranian Radio and T .V. Institute, 1996-2000

10: EE. Dept, Azad university, 1989

11: EE. Dept, Underground Railway Institute (METRO), 1996

12: EE. Dept, Iran military academy, 1996

13: EE.Dept, Amirkabir University(International Branch with Collabration of Birmingham University, U.K), 2005- Now


F:Industrial Experience

1: Engineer in GEC company (power system division), England, 1977-1978

2: Consultant to Tavanir company (ministry of energy), Iran, 1994-1989

3: Consultant to electric energy research   center (MATN), ministry of energy, Iran, 1994-1997.

4: Member of managing board, CHAD. Eng. company, Iran, 1987-now

5: Member of managing board, YAD. Eng. company, Iran 1990-1999

6: Member of managing board of SAPHYAD. CO, 2002- 2007

7: Managing director of SAPHYAD,CO,2003-2005



G:Honours and Awards

1: Distinguished professor of Amirkabir University,1994, Iran

2: Distinguished researcher, ministry of energy, 1993, Iran

3: Member of Iranian  academy of science, Iran, 1991-now

4: Distinguished author (book of the year), Tehran university,1995,  Iran

5: Member of scientific commitee of annual international conference in power systems (PSC), Iran, 1993-now

6: Member of scientific commitee of Iranian international conference in electrical engineering (ICEE), 1993-now

7: Member of editorial board of Amirkabir Journal of science and technology,Amirkabir university, Iran, 1987-2005

8: Member of editorial board, Journal of Electricity, ministry of energy, Iran,1993-now

9: Distinguished professor and prize winner  all over Iran selected by ministry of Higher Education 2001.

10: Distinguished author (book of the year) selected by Iranian Energy Committee. 2001

11: Prizewinner as innovator, selected by Iranian Elect. Eng. Society. 2003.

12: Head of Electrical Engineering Section Iranian Academy of Science.2003-2006

13: Appointed as Honorary Lecturer, University of Birmingham, U.K, 2007


H:Books Written in Persian Language

1: Basic of Electrical Machines (12 th Edition), 2007

2: Power System Analysis (3 rd edition), 2006

3: Modern Power SystemAnalysis (4 th edition),2003 (books of the year)

4: Distribution System, (2 nd edition),1990

5: Electrical Machines with Power Electronic Applications, (7 th edition 2008),  (book of the year)

6: Electrical Machines, Analysis, Operation and Control (15 th edition), 2008

7: Basic Circuit Analysis (7th edition), 2008

8: Basic Control Systems, (2nd edition), 2002

9: Problems solver in Electric Circuits, (2nd Edition), 2001

10: Problems solver in power system. 1999.

11: Electric Circuits (Vol. 1), (3rd Edition), 2007

12: Electric Circuit (Vol 2), (3rd Edition), 2008

13: Electric Circuit (Vol 3), (2nd Edition), 2008

14: Tests for graduate entry exams (2nd edition), 2000

15: Solution Manual for Electric Circuit(Vol.1),2004

16: Electric Circuit (Vol.4),2004

17: Electrical Machines (Vol:1), (2nd Edition), 2007

18: Electrical Machines (Vol:2), (2nd Edition), 2008

19: Electrical Machines (Vol.3), 2007

20: Electrical Machines (Vol.4), 2007

21: Basic of Electrical Machines, 2007

22: Basic of Electrical Circuits, 2007


I:Refereed Papers in International Conferences, Held in Iran (Appeared in persian Proceedings)

1: Application of linear programming in generation correction in electric power systems ,power system conference (PSC) ,1986

2: PC based economic dispatch using non  linear programming, PSC 1986

3: Contingency analysis in electric power systems using DC sensivity factor, PSC 1987

4: The Determination of isokraunic map for Iran and its application to EHV line performance, PSC 1988

5: The evaluation of Zno arrester performance  due to lightining surges in Iranian national grid, PSC 1989

6: The evaluation of Zno arrester performance due to switching surges  in Iranian national grid,PSC 1989

7:The evaluation of unshielded EHV lines performance in Iran: against lightning, PSC 1990

8: Hourly load forecasting for Iran national grid using different mathematical techniques, PSC 1991

9: Optimum location for SVC in Iran national gird for dynamic & transient stability enhancement, PSC 1991

10: Design of optimal controler for SVC and its application to industrial loads, PSC  1995

11: Complementary PC based software for EMTP For evaluation of synchrous machine dynamics, lst, computer conference, 1992

12: Switching surge analysis in 20KV Iranian underground distribution systems,.Annual Distribution Conferences, Iran, 1993

13: Artificial neural network based fault diagnosis scheme in industrial plant using symmetrical components, PSC 1996.

14: The evaluation of induction motor dynamics using neural network, ICEE, 1995 (best paper)

15: Synchroncous generator modelling using artificial inteligence ,PSC 1996

Oval: Refereed Papers in International Conference, Held in Iran (Appeared In persian Proceedings)
16: The effect of LEMP & NEMP on EHV transmission lines using integral equations in time domain, ICEE, 1995

17: The design of controller for SVC in industrial plant using LQG/LTR technique, PSC 1996

18: The design of controller for SVC in industrial plant using QFT and Kharitanov technique, ICEE,1996

18: Induction motor control using clustring technique, ICEE, 1996

19: Synchronous generator dynamic enhancement using adaptive SVC and gain scheduling, ICEE,1997

20: On line power system load flow using neural networks, PSC 1997

21: Fuzzy SVC for induction motor loads, PSC 1997

22: The evaluation of lightning arrester during switching using frequency response model for external network, PSC 2000

23: Three phase load flow in unsymmetrical Power using symmetrical components, ICEE99

24: H for load frequency control, ICEE 1999.

25: Fuzzy SVC for synchronous motor loads, ICEE 1998.

26: Neual Network based SVC for Synchronous motor loads, PSC 98.

27: Computational inteligence based SVC for a synchronous motor loads, PSC 98

28: Advance SVC for induction motor starting ICEE 2000.

29: H based SVC for enhancement of synchronous generator dynamic, ICEE 1998

30: Controller design for SVC in industrial power system, ICEE 1998.

31: Robust controller for SVC in industrial power system using QFT method, ICEE 98.

32: Arc modeling  in single phase short circiut PSC 98

33: Combined control technique for enhancement of dynamic performance of electric power system ICEE 98

34: Application of UPFC in industrial power systems, ICEE 2002

35: Optimization of power quality using UPQC associated with improved control startegy, PSC  2002

36: review on active filters in distribution network, 7th Distribution conference, 2003

37: Partial Discharge Detection using Ultra Sound Signals, ICEE 2003

38: Simultaneous Enhancement of Power Quality in Source and Load Sides in Distribution Network Using UPQCand Improved Control Algorithm, PSC 2002

39: A Comparative Study for Injected Harmonics Using TCR and SCC, Distribution Conf.Zanjan, 2005

40: The Partial Discharge Location in Transformer Winding Using Wavelet, PSC 2004

41: The Application of Energy Signal for Detection of Partial Discharge Location, PSC 2004

42: The Detection of Partial Discharge Using Ultrusonic Signals. ICEE 2004

43: A Novel Method for Optimal Location of SVC for Increasing the Line Loadability and Avoiding Voltage Collapse, ICEE 2005

44: Induction Generator Stability in Wind farm Using Liapanov Method, ICEE 2005

45: The Effect of Static Var Compensat or on Bus Transfer Scheme, ICEE 2007

46: Enhancement of Injected Current Algorithm For Power Flow Studies In Four Wire Distribution Systems. Distribution Conference 2006, Iran

47: Security Ranking In Power Systems Using New Indexes, PSE 2006

48: The Effect of Competetion In Electricity Market on Contingency Ranking In Electric Power System. ICEE, 2007

49: The Enhancement of  Power Swings Damping In Power systems Using Lyapanov Technique And Combination of SMES And UPFC, PSC-2007

50: The Effect of D-STATCOM On Dynamic Performance of Cascade Induction Motors, PSC 2007

51: Asuitable Design For Control System For DC/DC Link In Two DC Micro Network, PSC 2007

52: Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Performance of PV System Connected to AC distribution System, Distribution, Conf, 2008, Gillan, Iran

53: Optimal Design of large distribution network using Genetic algorithm and Graphs, Distribution, conf, 2008, Gilan

54: Partial Discharge Detection Using FUZZY ARTMAP Neural Network, PSC 2008.

55: New Approach in Control and Dispatching System in IRAN Using WACS, PSC 2008.

56: Proposed Philosophy for Distribution Networks in Tehran. PSC 2008.


J:Refereed papers in International Conferences, held in Iran (Appeared in English Proceedings)

1: Modification of Rusck’s model for lightning induced voltage, IASTED Conference on Simulation & Modelling, 1990

2: FFT analysis of transient phenomena in EHV transmission lines in Iran, IASTED,1990

3: Fuzzy logic for load frequncy control problem, International Conference of IEE on Inteligent and Congitive Systems, (ICS)1996

4: Neural net work approach for fault diagnosis in industrial power networks, ICS, 1996

5: Probabilistic load flow in Iran power network, PSC, 1992

6: The effect of stator tranisent terms in dq frame of reference on synchronous generator transient & dynamic stability, PSC,1992

7: The effect of stator transient terms in dq model on synchronous generator dynamics supplying a large local single cage induction motor load, ICEE 1993

8: A proposed model for SCR simulation in induction motor & CSI drive system using SPICE software, ICEE, 1993

9: Probabilistic approach to evaluation of induction motor behavior during dynamic states, ICEE 1994

10: Evaluation of optimal load shedding & generation reallocation during contingency situation in electric power systems using linear Programming, PSC, 1992

11: Contingency selection in Iranian national grid, PSC, 1993

12: The effect of transient terms in dq model on synchronous generator dynamics supplying a local large synchronous motor load, ICEE,1993

13: Digital computer comparative studies of large single in heavy industry using frame of reference. Mechanical Eng. conf. Sharif Univ, 1992

14: Comprehensive & comparative contingency analysis in Iranian national power network due to line outage, ICEE 1994

15: The effect of medium voltage class double cage induction motor starting on voltage profile of industrial radial feeders, ICEE, 1995

16: Reliability evaluation in radial distribution feeders, ICEE, 1995

17: An induction motor with variable parameters, Electrical Eng. Conference, Shiraz, Uni, Iran,1975

18: Neural network based method for fault diagnosis in industrial power plant using phase current. IEE.Conf. 1996

19: Probabilistic short circuit analysis of an Iranian national grid by monte carlo simulation, ICEE –98

 20: Weighting Factor Selection For Contingency Ranking Associated With Voltage Security In Power Systems Using AHP Method, ICEE, 2007

21: Integrated Application of STATCOM and SMES To Improve Power Swings Damping Based On Direct Lyaponov Method, PSC2007


K:Refereed International Conference Papers

1: Variable parameters induction motor model for power system analysis, IEEE Conference, Summer Meeting, NewYork, U.S.A, 1997

2: Load flow package for educational purposes, IASTED conference on simulation & modellig, Switzerland, 1989.

3: An educational PC based software for synchrcenous generator dynamic Evaluation, UPEC, England, 1992

4: Digital computer comparative studies of large doule cage induction motor dynamics using frame of references, Power Tech Conference, IASEED, Canada, 1992

5: The evaluation of harmonic caused by transformer saturation in switching overvoltages of EHV lines using FFT technique, COMCONEL, Egypt, 1991

6: The evaluation of lightning induced overvoltages using a new method for lightning Channel effect, EMC, Poland, 1994

7: Linghtning induced voltage evaluation using simple integration procedure, Power Tech, IASTED, Taiwan, 1991

8: Digital computer studies of switching transients in Iran standard 400 KV lines, IEEE Conference on properties and application of dielectric material (PADM), Japan, 1991

9: the evaluation of 50% breakdown voltage across Iranian 400 KV transmission line insulator, IEEE-PADM, Japan, 1991

10: A PC baed interactive software for lightning peformance evaluation of transmission lines and its application to insulator of 400 KV Lines in Iran, IEEE-PADM, Japan,1991

11: Neuro adaptive PSS for synchronous generator, CIGRE, France, 1996

12: The Effect of loss of Excitation on synchronous generator terminal voltage using phase coordinate model, IASTED, Austria, 1991

13: Comparison between LEMP & NEMP induced ovetvoltages in 33 KV overhead distribution lines, ACES, U.S.A, 1994

14: Voltage profile in radial distribution feeder dut to three phase induction motor starting, PSC, Russia, 1994

15: A PC based training simulator for contingency evaluation in electric power system, UPEC, England, 1993

16: Digital computer studies of sheilding failure phenomena in EHV transmission lines, 7th ISH, Germany, 1991

17: Adaptive control algorithm for voltage & frequency control of isolated induction generator, IATED, Austria, 1992

18: The evaluation of LEMP effects on subtransmission line using the method of moment: A comparision between TL & MTL model, IEEE- EMC, U.S.A, 1994

19: A PC based fault study program for educational pupposes, Power – Tech- IASTED, Taiwan, 1991

20: Multi oxide surge arrester schemes for switching over voltage reduction in EHV transmissionlines, Power Tech IASTED, Taiwan, 1991

21: The evaluation of LEMP effects on transmission lines: modellng & simulation, EMC, France, 1994

22: Stochastic optimal load Frequency control and Economic Dispatch of multi area power system, IEEE- Power – Tech, Sweeden, 1995

23: Reliability evaluation in open ring distribution system, IEEE Power- Tech, Sweeden, 1995

24: The effect of SVC on enhancement of remote industrial load dynamic, PSC, Ressia, 1994

25: Generalized dynamic power plant model for invesitigation of power system dynamic stability, IASTED, Austria, 1993

26: Ageneral approach to SLG, fault analysis in synchronous generator using phase coordinate model, ACEMP, Turkey, 1992

27: Digital computer studies of synchronous generator control devices dynamics during three phase fault using phase cordinate model, ICARCV, 1992, Singapore

28: Ageneral approach for 3phase fault analysis in synchronous generator using phase coordinate model, COMCONEL, 1991, Egypt

29: Neural Networks for power system load flow EUFLT, 97, vol.3, Germany, 1997.

30: Power system load flow using Kohonen neural network classifies, EUFI, 97,Vol. 3, Germany, 1997

31: Chaos in Power transformers including the core hysteresis, PES 2002, U.S.A

32: Switching time burification analysis in TCR Using IRM, PES 2002, U.S.A.

33: The effect of Percontage of remaining hair breed and ambient relative humidity on Electrical resistance of Cashmere fiber. 6th Asian Textile Conf. Hong Kong.2001

34: Acoustic Diagnosis of AC Corona on the Surface of insulators, IEEE, Power-Tech 2003 Italy

35: Acoustic Diagnosis of dc corna on the surface of Insulators ISH, 2003, Holland

36: Parial Discharge Modelling of Transformer Winding, IEEE Conf, Bahrain, 2004

37: Locating Partial Discharge in Transformer by Wavelet 4th WSEAS,Conf, Turkey 2004

38: A New Method to Optimal Placement of STATCOM Using Genetic Algorithm and Continuation Power Flow FPS-2005, Holland.

39: Three Phase Asymmetrical Load Flow For Four Wire Distribution Networks, IEEE, Georgia, 2007

40: Soft Threshold Wavelet De-Noising Technique Application For Single Arc Discharge Across A Static Gap, ACPADM, Indonasia, 2006

41: An Experimental Investigation And Model Development Of Arc Discharge During Impulse Test, ACPADM, Indonasia, 2006

42: CWT Application Of  Transfermer Winding Incipient Faults Localization During Impulse Test, ISH Conference, 2007

43: Suitable Control Strategy For Source Convertors And A Novel Load- Generation Voltage Control Scheme For DC Voltage Determination In DC Distribution Systems, PECON, 2006, Malaysia

44: Control systems For Independent Operation Of  Paralell DG Units In DC Distribution Systems. PECON, 2006, Malaysia

45: Anovel And Simple Control Strategy For Fuel Cell Converters In DC Distribution Systems, PECON 2006, Malaysia

46: On-Grid and Off-Grid Operation of Mult Input Signal-Output DC/DC Convertor Based Fuell Cell Generation System.ACEMP,2007, Turkey

47: Dynamic Operation of PV System Connected to Distribution System SPEEDAM SYMPOSIUM, Italy, 2008

48: Analysis the islanding mode of combined operation of DG and UPQC in unbalanced distribution, system ICREPQ, 2008, Spain

49: Combined operation of  UPQC and FUEL cell with DC common bus, ICREPQ, 2008, Spain

50: Bayesian neural networks for time series prediction, ESTP, 2007, Finland

51: Hybrid Distributed Generation Units PEM Fuel Cell and Micro Turbine, Int. Conf. on Industrial Technology, ICIT 2008, China

52: A new Integrated Approach for Very Short Term Wind Speed prediction Using Wavelet Networks and PSO, ICPS, 2007, India

53: Siting and Sizing of Distributed Generation for Loss Reduction, ICPS, 2007, India

54: An Optimal Load shedding Scheme during Contingency Situation Using Metta Heuristic Algorithms, PASCO, 2008, India

55: Power Factor improvement of  DC/DC convertors for microturbines, ICREPCO, 2008, Spain.

56: Anovel Approach for Z matrix Building Process Using Genetic Algorithm, PECO n 2008, Malaysia.

57: A Comparison Amongst Suboptimal Ordering Schemes for Power Systems Accompanied with a GA-based Optimal Ordering Method, PECON 2008, Malaysia.

58: Determination of Mean and Variance of  LMP Using Probobalistic DCOPF and T-PEM, PECON 2008, Malaysia.

59: Integration Design of  FUZZY System Using Genetic Algorithm for Improvement of  Voltage Profile with Static VAR Compensator, Optima 2008, Romania.

60: Application of Meta-heuristic Algorithms in Diserete Model of Steady State Load shedding, Optim 2008, Romania.

61: An Optimal Load Shedding Scheme During Contingency Situations Using meta Heuristic Algorithms with Application of AHP Method.

62: Complete, Integrated and Simultaneously Doing for STATCOM FUZZY Controller with Variable length Genetic Algorithm for Voltage Profile Improvement, ICHPQ 2008, Australia.           

L:Journal Papers

1: Design of neuro PSS for synchronous generator, Amirkabir Journal of Science & Technology, Vol. 8, No. 29 Iran, 1995 (in English)

2: Terminal voltage build up assessment in synchronous generater using phase coordinate model, International Journal of Engineering, Vol . 1, No. 2a, 1990, Iran (in English)

3: Evaluation of transient performance of cascade induction motor, Jounal of Electric Power Systems Researchs, Elsevier, Holland, vol. 32, 1995.

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44: Operation of stand Alonc PV Generating System for Supplying Unbalanced AC Loads, Iranian Journal of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (IJEE), VOL.3, NO.3 & 4, 2007, PP 98-115.


M:Courses Taught

1: Electrical Machines ( I ,II ,III)

2: Power System Analysis ( I, II)

3: Circuit Analysis ( I, II)

4: Power System Operation

5: Basic of Electrical. Eng. ( I, II)

6: Power System Planning

7: Advanced Distribution systems

8: Special Electrical Machines

9: Technical English

10: Load Management
N:Graduate Thesis Supervision in Iran

1: No of M. Sc thesis: 100

2: No  of  Ph. D thesis: 10




1: Professor A. Keyhani, Electrical Eng. Dept, Ohio State University, colombus Ohio, U.S.A

2: Professor. Y. Rahamt Samii, Electrical. Eng. Dept, UCLA, Losangles, California, U.S.A

3: Dr. R. Moini, Professor, EE. Dept. Amirkabir University, Hafez, Ave Tehran, Iran