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 آزمایشگاه تحقیقاتی فتونیک

 Photonics Research Laboratory (PRL)

Electrical Engineering Dept., Amirkabir University of Technology


Director: Professor Hassan Kaatuzian



Archive about our Robotics rha/Subgroup (2000-2004)


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The Photonics Research Laboratory (PRL) in E.E. Dept. of Amirkabir University has been established in 1994 after about 4 years research and development supported by the University administrations and Atomic energy organization. Also Ministry of Industries helped to equip the laboratory with modern photonics and optics instrumentations, between 2002 and 2004.

PRL Consists of Three Separate : Optical Telecommunications, Laser Research and Optical Processing.


Photonics is the technology of generation ,amplification ,detection ,guidance ,  Modulation or modification by nonlinear effects optical radiation and applying it from Energy generation to communication and information processing.



Some of important projects excecuted in PRL are Design & Development of :

a) Automatic Laser Beam Finder.

b) Atmospheric and FiberOptic Laser or LED Transmitter-Receiver.

c) Laser Scanner.

d) Laser Thickness Metering.

e) Optical Watt-meter.

f) E.O. & M.O. Kerr and Faraday Modulators.

g) Optical Broadcasting.

h) MiniRobots with optical tracking system.

i) Optical Short Range Finder,FPGA controlled.

                 j)Simulation of All-Optical SOA-DFB Wavelength Converter.

k) Structural Simulation of Silicon Raman Laser.

l) 2-D Photonic Crystal Laser & Filter.

m) Structural Simulation of Laser Transistors.

n) Physical Structure Simulation of OptoElecteronic Mixer.

o) Electromagnetically Induced Transparency.

p) Quantum-Photonics Modelling and Simulation.

                     q) M.Q.W. Laser Analysis.

                     r) Transistor laser

                     s) Slow light

                     t) Single Photon Source

                     u) Ultra-fast photodetector(>100GHz)

                     v) All-Optical photonic crystal logic gates




Also in the fields of Nonlinear Optics and Optical Image Processing the following Projects have been done successfully :

r) Simulation and Modelling of Stimulated Brillouin and Raman

scattering,Phase Conjugation using F.W.M..

s) Design and Development of Spatial Vanderlugt filters.


The current main research activities in PRL includes :

                - Design and Development of a Laser Rangefinder.

                - Design and Development of a Hybrid Optical Processor.

                - Developing Software Tools for Optical Devices Analysis.

                - OEIC Layout Design.

                - Design and Development on an Atmospheric optical link.

-Electromagnetically Induced Transparency(EIT).


Publication of more than 80 international journals and conference papers, Many Radio and Television interviews and exhibition presentations , have Introduced PRL of Amirkabir university and its great potential R&D in Photonics Technology for the future.



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Archive about our Robotics rha/Subgroup (2000-2004)