Mojtaba Agha-Mirsalim

(  IEEE Senior Member )    Resume

Professor, Director  Electrical Machines & Transformer Research  Laboratory    (EMTRL)

Office: 732 Abu- Rayhan Building

Dept. of Electrical Engineering

Also,  cooperating with   EE Dept. at Saint Mary's University, San Antonio, Texas

Amirkabir University of Technology

424 Hafez Ave. Tehran 15914, Iran

Phone:   (++98)-21-  6454-3321  &  6646-6009

Fax:  (++98)-21-  6640-6469  &  6649-0581

Abu-Rayhan Building  (click on picture to zoom in)

            Design, Prototyping, and Analysis of Electric Machinery and Transformers

            Energy Conversion

            Renewable Energy

            Electric & Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Students and visitors interested in the above areas please contact me at  or

Jamsheedieh Park in Northern Tehran

Last Updated:   January 2017

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