For nearly 50 years, the Department of Electrical Engineering at AUT continues to rank as one of the most prestigious electrical engineering programs in the country and at the international level.

While electrical engineering was traditionally known as one engineering field, it now encompasses many areas of interest including radars, lasers, medical and RS imaging, optical communications, control systems, microchips, embedded computers, cell phones, autonomous robots, speech recognition and synthesis, wireless communications, electrical machines, power systems, power electronics and drives, electrical energy management, and photonics. With the advent of the information technology revolution, new horizons for better serving the human kind through further developments in the field of electrical engineering are anticipated.

We offer an outstanding learning environment which supports (a) rich and meaningful academic studies and (b) research projects tightly integrated with modern engineering standards as well as industrial practices. Our world-class graduates are sought for careers in industry, government, and universities. We encourage the habit of ‘life-long learning’ for our students that enables them to continue their education throughout their professions.

There are four divisions within the Department of Electrical Engineering,

• Communications

• Controls

• Electronics

• Power